CMBS Delinquency Report Highlights the Eighth Consecutive Drop ...

CMBS Delinquencies Continue Their Steady Fall In February

Fitch Ratings’ headquarters in New York City

NEW YORK–It is telling that the largest new CMBS delinquency in February was a $26.9 million Studio Green Apartments loan, secured by a 1,074-bed student housing property located in Newark, DE. And the largest resolution was a $90 million Wells Fargo Place loan secured by a 656,000 square foot office property in St. Paul, MN. Relatively speaking, these are small amounts.

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From foisted to favorite: required reading we love - OverDrive Blogs

Required Reading

A skyscraper in Hawaii will include a vertigo-inducing swimming pool, allowing brave swimmers to look down through its transparent base. (via Dezeen)

This list of complaints is meant to argue that literary criticism should be critical just for the sake of it, giving an unflinching excoriation of a book’s content or a cold-eyed assessment of what it lacks. Hardwick herself underscored this when she pointed a finger at the “torpor,” the “faint dissension” and “minimal style” that had infected the book review in her time. What’s new is that this faint style has developed a politics or an ethics that gives non-judgment in the book review a high-minded justification. Per its pronouncements, all reviewers (and readers) must check their biases and privilege prior to engaging with a text. Read more “Required Reading”